Genesect event announced for North America!!!

Whoa! This announcement totally came out of left field! An new ad has begun running on the GameFaqs website and has announced the Genesect event, which will start next month!

The Genesect event will start on October 7th, which is the launch date of Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 in North America, and ends on November 12th. At the present time, information on the Genesect is scarce but I suspect it’ll be identical to the Genesect that was distributed in Japan last month.

Since the ad also mentions a broadband internet access as a requirement, this leads me think it’ll be a Wi-Fi event instead of an in-store one. :)

It’s a bit weird that they’re officially revealing Genesect before Meloetta since Melotta’s Pokedex entry comes before Genesect. Hopefully, Nintendo didn’t forget about Meloetta!

We’ll post more details about this event as soon as they’re available.