New Deoxys giveaway announced for Japan!

A new Deoxys giveaway has just been announced on the Japanese Pokemon website to players with Pokemon Black 2 or Pokemon White 2.

The special Deoxys is at level 100, holds a Life Orb, has the ability Pressure and knows the moves Nasty Plot, Dark Pulse, Recover and Psycho Boost. Its OT is “Masuda” and it’ll also given away in a Dark Ball.

The Deoxys will be given away starting December 15th to 23rd at select shopping malls in Japan. It’ll also be given at the Jump Festa 2013 between December 22nd to 23rd, and then over Wi-Fi sometime in 2013.

The event is being organized to coincide with the Team Plasma campaign that’s happening in Japan right now and to promote the new Pokemon TCG set, Spiral Force and  Thunder Knuckle, which is scheduled to come out this Friday in Japan.

With the exception of Jirachi, it seems like almost all the legendary Pokemon from the Hoenn region have been given away recently or made available in the recent Pokemon games. Does that mean there isn’t going to be a remake of Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire? D: