Extremespeed Genesect movie poster and new teaser trailer released!

After yesterday’s news about the latest Pokemon movie broke on the internet, a short teaser trailer was played during the latest Oha Suta, a Japanese show. The official Japanese Pokemon movie website has also been updated with a high resolution image of the movie’s poster as well as a clip of the new trailer, which you can watch below:

Below is short synopsis that is also available on the Japanese Pokemon movie website, and translations are courtesy of Sunyshore:

“Genesect,” a Pokemon from 300 million years ago. The mysterious “Red Genesect,” different from regular Genesect, appears. Posing super speed and boasting other strengths, it is a Mythical Pokemon, but what sort of activity will it do in a big city, the symbol of modern civilization? | Pikachu goes to play for the first time with many other cute Pokemon at Eevee’s home, “Eevee House!” Due to Meowth’s mischief, however, there’s an uproar?!

The teaser trailer looks great! It appears as though there are 2 Genesects in the movie? One normal version and one shiny version?

By the way, the name of the Pikachu short is called “Pikachu and Eevee Friends”, and below is the poster for it:

Source: www.pokemon.co.jp