Pokemon Center Adventure Goods promotion!

The latest Pokemon Center merchandise promotion was launched last Saturday in Japan. This promotion is called “Adventure Goods” and focuses on the many items that you can find or purchase to help you on your adventure in the Pokemon video games. I personally think this is one of the most coolest merchandise promotion yet! Take a look at some of the awesome merchandise that’s currently on sale at the Pokemon Centers in Japan:

Various phone charms/straps. Can you guess what each of the items above are?

Top picture: Substitute plushie
Bottom picture: clear files

Moo Moo Milk cookies

An image of a Moo Moo Milk cookie

3DS cases

Rare Candies! Unfortunately (or is it fortunately?), it will not make you gain a level!

A mountain of Substitute plushies. This is probably the coolest plushie ever!

If you’re interested in purchasing any of these items, make sure to head over to Pokevault now before they sell out! I heard the Substitute plushies are really popular!

Source: www.pokemon.co.jp and Kitzune for some of the images