Watch Meloetta’s Moonlight Serenade now!

The short movie featuring Meloetta is now available for online streaming on the Pokemon website and the Pokemon TV Mobile App.

The short movie, originally released in Japan last summer and was called Meloetta’s Sparking Recital, features Meloetta’s Aria form and Piroette form, along with many familiar faces from the Pokemon anime, up to their usual hijinks.

Meloetta’s Moonlight Serenade is available at the following link until March 24, 2013: Watch Now!

Fans with Smartphones or mobile Tablets can now stream their favourite episodes from the Pokemon anime as well as select Pokemon movies and specials through the Pokemon TV Mobile App. New episodes are regularly added to the app so you can look forward to new episodes each week!

The app is available for Apple devices and Android devices. Visit the links below to download the app:

Apple (iOS 5.0 and up): Download Now!

Android: (Android 2.3 and up): Download Now!

I downloaded the app to my Android Tablet just to test it out and have to say that it is pretty amazing! The app features the same content found on the Pokemon TV website but it’s nice that you can watch it wherever you are. Best of all, it’s FREE to download!


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