[RUMOR] Sableye to get an evolution in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y?

Will the weird-looking, purple goblin with diamond eyes be getting an evolution in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y? The answer is maybe.

A new poster featuring the cast of the upcoming Pokemon movie was recently released. On the poster are Mewtwo, red Genesect and Ash and his friends; however, if you look closely, there’s also a Sableye that’s hiding behind Pikachu.

What’s the significance of this Sableye? We don’t know yet, but where it’s positioned on the poster leads me to believe that it’ll be joining Ash’s, Cilan’s or Iris’ team. Usually, when a Pokemon from one of the previous generations gets reintroduced in the anime and ends joining the team of one of the main characters, it’s to advertise something. Another reason is that something significant involving that Pokemon will be introduced soon. Take Gligar and Aipom if you need examples. They basically came out of nowhere and became a part of Ash’s team in the anime. Both Pokemon were then given evolutions in the fourth generation games!

Do you think Sableye will get an evolution? Post your comments below!

Source: images from Google