New Pokemon X and Pokemon Y rumors!

A handful of new Pokemon X and Pokemon Y rumors have recently surfaced. We now turn them over to you, Pokemon experts, to weigh in on them. Which ones do you think are totally fake? And which ones do you think might have a shot at being real? Take a look at the rumors below and let us know what you think!

In my opinion, Absol is one of the best designed Pokemon ever. Some might ask why Absol needs an evolution. Why not?

I always felt it was rather unfair that both Magmar and Electubuzz got an evolution, but Jynx did not. Perhaps Gamefreak will correct this and finally give Jynx an evolution this year?

Here’s a rumor that I hope is not true because I despise prevolutions (baby Pokemon). Prevolutions of Heracross and Pinsir. Instead of prevolutions, how about Gamefreak give Heracross and Pinsir the Scyther treatment? Give them both an awesome evolution!

Although its stats aren’t that bad, Sableye always looked incomplete to me. It’s also going to be appearing in this year’s Pokemon movie and is said to have an important role. Is a Sableye evolution inevitable?

These are supposedly the final evolutions of the starters. At least Fennekin’s final evolution doesn’t look like it’s a Fire/Fighting type…

A Twitter user named Hirobyte, who claims to be an employee from the Spanish Official Nintendo Magazine that was responsible for leaking the Black & White Pokedex ahead of the game’s launch, says Sylveon is actually a “Fairy-type” Pokemon.

According to Hirobyte, Xerneas is also a Fairy type and Yveltal is a Dark/Flying type. In addition, a number of existing Pokemon from the previous generations will be re-typed and included in the new Fairy type group. Togepi and Clefairy is said to be among the Pokemon that will be re-typed upon the launch of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

At the moment, Sylveon doesn’t look like it really belongs to any of the remaining types in the Pokemon world. It’s also often attributed with the color pink, which I can definitely see be used to represent the Fairy type.

Source: Google, Twitter, and thanks to DavidSchinkel for the news tip!