Potential new Pokemon names discovered!

Anyone here remember Pokexperto? He was the one who was responsible for leaking the entire Unova Pokedex before the release of Pokemon Black and Pokemon White in Japan. Many Pokemon fan sites reposted the information, and some site owners even got in trouble for it! You can read the original posts here: Unova Pokedex revealed and Unova Pokemon sprites revealed

Anyway, Pokexperto is back and has posted a list of 14 new Pokemon names that are supposedly from Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

Thanks to Kats from AAPF, we have a rough translation of the names and Kats also provided his own speculations!

  • ディアンシー, Diansii, Apr 30 : Deer + Fancy ?
  • ハリボーグ, Haribougu, Apr 30 : Needle + Borg (cyBorg), Chespin evolution ?
  • ゲコガシラ, Gekogashira, Apr 30 : Frog’s sound + Head or Boss, Froakie evolution ?
  • ボルケニオン, Borukenion, May 1: Volcano + Something  ?
  • デデンネ, Dedenne, May 2 :
  • ホルビー, Horubii, May 2: Dig + Bee ?
  • ニャオニクス, Nyaonikusu , May 6: Meowstick, Meowth evolution as known by leak
  • ブリガロン, Burigaron, May 7 :
  • トリミアン, Torimian, May 7 :
  • テールナー, Teerunaa, May 7: Tail + Lunar ?
  • ジガルデ, Jigarude, May 8 :
  • マフォクシー, Mafokushii, May 8: Bewitching + Foxy or Magic + Foxy, Fennekin evolution ?
  • フーパ, Fuupa, May 10 :
  • ゲッコウガ, Gekkouga, May 14: Moonlight + Moth or Moonlight + KougaNinjya ?

**All of these names can also be found in the Japanese Trademark database.

Please keep in mind that none of these names are confirmed and may end up not being used. Anyone want to submit their own speculations or theories?  Teerunaa and Gekkouga sound like they could be Fairy-type since Moon Blast is a Fairy-type move. I wonder if that means Cresselia will be re-classified as a Fairy-type as well?

Source: AAPF, Pokexperto