Pokemon X and Pokemon Y only features 69 new Pokemon…

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y have been out for a week now and have collectively sold more than 4 million copies worldwide in their first 2 days since their release. They have also received tons of raved reviews from critics and almost perfect scores from many of the big gaming websites. While all of these achievements are great to read about, the one thing that is often being overlooked in many of the reviews is the number of new Pokemon introduced in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. So far, only 69 new Pokemon have been discovered. This number is actually less than half of the total number of new Pokemon that were introduced in Pokemon Black and Pokemon White. This number also does not include Mega Pokemon, which most fans don’t count as new Pokemon. As a matter of fact, in the games, the Pokedex menu has a separate section for the Mega Pokemon since they don’t have their own Pokedex number and entry.

Number of new Pokemon introduced:

Generation 1 – 151
Generation 2 – 100
Generation 3 – 135
Generation 4 – 107
Generation 5 – 156
Generation 6 – 69

If you were looking to build a team consisting of entirely new Pokemon, you might have some trouble building a balanced one from the meager pool of new Pokemon. Out of the 69 new Pokemon, 3 are legendary, and the rest are either single stage Pokemon (no evolutions) or the first stage or second stage of a fully evolved Pokemon. Basically, if you counted all the single stage Pokemon and all the fully evolved form of a 2-or-3 stage Pokemon, you’d have 32 to choose from.

All Pokemon games in the past have included event only Pokemon that were only available through online or in-store distributions. However, these distributions are usually only reserved for legendary Pokemon. Going by past Pokemon games, we can probably expect 2 or 3 event only legendary Pokemon, bumping the number to the low 70’s. Even so, this is still highly disappointing.

To all of you who’ve picked up a copy of Pokemon X or Pokemon Y, are you disappointed by the number of new Pokemon? Post your thoughts below in the comment section!

Source: Thanks to Reddit for the image