Mega Latios, Mega Latias and other secrets discovered!

Just when you thought everything’s been uncovered in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, some more new stuff gets discovered! The same leaker who posted pictures of Hoopa, Diancie and Volcanion has discovered the Mega Evolutions of Latios and Latias. By the way, Hoopa, Diancie and Volcanion are now confirmed to be 100% real!

Before you cry out “they look the same!”, you are partially correct. Instead of retaining their signature blue and red body colors, both Latios and Latias seem share a new purple body color. Latios is also slightly larger than Latias just like in its regular form.

For those of you who’ve finished the main storyline in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, you should recognize the following Floette. The Floette above is a special Floette that belongs to the mysterious man named Az. It appears that Floette will be obtainable sometime in the future!

The most fabulous Arceus of all : Fairy-type Arceus!

Here’s an image of Diancie in Pokemon Amie.

Volcanion trying its best to look adorable in Pokemon Amie. It’s 100% effective!

Wow! Volcanion’s ring can be retracted and it shoots cannons?!?

Source: Reddit