First Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Pokedolls revealed!

The official Japanese Pokemon website was updated recently and has revealed the first set of Pokedolls of this generation.

Predictably, the set includes none other than the 3 starter Pokemon and the 2 mascot legendary Pokemon of this generation. These Pokedolls will go on sale on December 26th at Pokemon Center stores across Japan.

Going on sale on the same day are the 3 starter Pokemon of the Kanto region: Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. It should be noted that these Pokedolls are re-releases as they have all gone on sale in the past.

Lastly, regular plushies of Mega Mewtwo Y and Mega Blaziken will also go on sale on the same day. December 26th is going to be a busy day at the Pokemon Center stores in Japan!

Xerneas and Yveltal Pokedolls: 2300 Yen each

Kalos region and Kanto region starter Pokemon Pokedolls: 1050 Yen each

Mega Mewtwo Y and Mega Blaziken Pokemon Center plushies: 2100 Yen each