Metal charms of all Kalos region Pokemon released!

Back in 2011, the Pokemon Center stores in Japan announced a new line of metal charms featuring every single Pokemon from all 5 generations, including their alternate forms.

With the release of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, many Pokemon merchandise collectors were wondering if the Kalos region Pokemon would each get one as well. The good news: YES!

Metal charms of all 69 Kalos region Pokemon and their alternate forms went on sale in Pokemon Center stores across Japan today. Missing are the 3 Mythical Pokemon, which will be released sometime in the future.

If you don’t live in Japan, you can find all of the charms at our friends Pokevault. By the way, you can still find many metal charms of the previous generations on sale here

Be right back, going to order metal charms of my current team in Pokemon X! :P

Female and male forms of both Espurr and Litleo are available!

How trippy would it be to get a Klefki metal charm and clip it to your own key holder? That’s like something out of the movie “Inception”

When did Furfrou get so many other forms???