Isshu Gym Leaders’ details revealed!

Pokemon Black and White are the first games to introduce version exclusive Gym Leaders.  Players with Pokemon Black will face Iris as the eighth Gym Leader while Pokemon White has Shaga as its eighth Gym Leader. 

In addition to the version exclusive Gym Leaders, players will also have the chance to face one of three Gym Leaders in the first gym they visit.  

Who they face will be dependent on the starter Pokemon they choose: 

Tsutaja: Battle against Poddo.
Mijumaru: Battle against Dento.
Pokabu: Battle against Koon. 

1st Gym
City: Sanyou City
Gym leader: Dento, Kon, and Poddo
Gym type: Grass, Fire, and Water
Badge: Tri Badge 

2nd Gym
City: Shippou City
Gym leader: Aloe
Gym type: Normal
Badge: Basic Badge 

3rd Gym
City: Hiun City
Gym leader: Aati
Gym type: Bug
Badge: Beetle Badge 

4th Gym
City: Raimon City
Gym leader: Kamitsure
Gym type: Electric
Badge: Bolt Badge 

5th Gym
City: Hodomoe City
Gym leader: Yakon
Gym type: Ground
Badge: Quake Badge 

6th Gym
City: Fukiyosa City
Gym leader: Furou
Gym type: Flying
Badge: Jet Badge 

7th Gym
City: Sekka City
Gym leader: Hachiku
Gym type: Ice
Badge: Icicle Badge 

8th Gym
City: Souryuu City
Gym leader: Iris/Shaga
Gym type: Dragon
Badge: Legend Badge