Meloetta’s alternate form revealed

Meloetta/Meroetta (メロエッタ) is one of the new event legendary in Pokemon Black and White and will likely have a starring role in a new Pokemon movie.

Similarly to some legendary Pokemon in the past, Meloetta also has a alternate form in the games, but unlike most of them, Meloetta’s alternate form also has a type change.

Its normal form in the games is the Aria form, which is Normal/Psychic, while its Piroulette form, which can only be obtained when it is taught the move, Relic Song,  is Normal/Fighting.  It’s been speculated that the special move, Relic Song, can only be taught to Meloetta through a special event which leads me to believe that a special event will be made available in a future Pokemon movie in Japan to activate Meloetta’s alternate form.

Pokedex number: #648
Classification: Melody Pokemon
Ability: Serene Grace
Height: o.6m
Weight: 6.5kg
Gender: Genderless

Pokedex entry: It sings with a unique vocalization, and freely manipulates the emotions of creatures who hear its melody. 

Meloetta’s Piroulette form, Normal/Fighting.