Pokemon Black and White official guidebook and illustrated Pokedex release dates!

Mark November 20th on your calendar because that is the day the official Pokemon Black and White guidebook and illustrated Pokedex books come out in Japan! 


First up, we have the offcial Pokemon Black and White guidebook filled with walk throughs, gym leader profiles, events calendar, maps, and lots more. 


The second book is probably what everyone is waiting for. The illustrated Pokedex book! You can expect to see official Ken Sugimori artworks of all 153 Pokemon from the Isshu region, in addition to detailed Pokedex entries, stats, attacks, and back stories. Why only 153, and not 156 you ask? Well, there are 3 Pokemon near the end of the Isshu Pokedex that are event only Pokemon.  Their official artworks and Pokedex entries will be revealed later on.

[Webmaster note] Anyone want their own copy of the illustrated Pokedex guide but cannot buy it because it’s only sold in Japan? Make sure to visit our website soon as we will be giving one away once it’s released in Japan!