Canadian Pokemon Black and Pokemon White sampling tour picture!

Frugrow here! I just came back from the Pokemon Black and Pokemon White sampling tour here in Vancouver, B.C, Canada. Below is a picture I took while I was there…

They had a little station where you can get your face painted by one of the staff members there. The black round table just above the face painting area was the whole activity center where you can color pictures of Oshawott, Snivy, and Tepig.

Finally, there were two tables with 4 Pokemon Black and Pokemon White demos at each table. The demos were about 5 minutes long and you start off either as a girl trainer during the winter season or the boy trainer during the summer season. One of the staff there also mentioned they gave away free soft foam Pokeballs earlier but ran out. :/

Pikachu also made an appearance every hour to eager fans waiting to take a picture with it. Yup, that was basically the whole event. This was nothing compared to the American mall tours that’s going on now. I was sad to discover they didn’t have a Pokemon Center on site to purchase Pokemon Black and White goodies from. :(