New interview by Pokemon game director Junichi Masuda gives hope to third Pokemon Black and White game

If you are like me and visit a dozen other Pokemon fan sites and forums daily, you’d noticed that a hot topic among all of these Pokemon fan sites is that GAMEFREAK will not be releasing a third installment to the Pokemon Black and White versions.

It all started with an interview that Spanish site Meristation had with graphic designer for the Pokemon games, Mana Ibe. When she was asked if GAMEFREAK was working on the third Pokemon Black and White game, she replied with “No, not at all. We’ve finished this installment with Black and White versions.” Keep in mind that the quote was translated from Japanese to Spanish and then to English so the quote may have gotten lost in translation…

Anyway, the popular website, was lucky enough to interview Junichi Masuda while he was on his promotional tour to promote the release of Pokemon Black and White around the world.

One question was “Why did you decide against a third entry for this generation?”

Watch the video clip below to find the answer…

There you have it! “Pokemon Grey” may still happen.

Thank you to for the clip. Visit the link below to view the entire interview.

Full Pokemon Black and White interview

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