New characters in Pokemon Black and White

Sorry for the late posting of this particular news everyone. I’m getting ready for my final exams at the moment and my friend, who also manages this site, is getting ready for her exams as well too. We’ll update this site with more content when we’re done with school!

The Pokemon Sunday that recently aired this past Sunday showed a new trailer of Pokemon Black and White. Many of the scene shown had already been seen in past trailers, but the trailer also showed a clip of a couple new characters that will be featured in Pokemon Black and White. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

First up, we have an image of a mysterious character.  Only half of the character’s face is shown in the trailer.  Is this character a boy or girl?  What role will they play in the game?

Next up, we have this character with long, lime-colored, hair.  The bangs look similar to the bangs of the character above.  Are they the same character?  The text in the image says “I will be better than the champion”.   Will this character be the game’s rival?

In this image, we have a VS battle screen.  Battle screens are usually only reserved for important characters in the games such as rivals, the villains, and gym leaders.  Might this be one of Isshu’s gym leaders?

Probably the most mysterious and interesting character to come out of the trailer is this person.   This character has some sort of patch on one eye and has long, white, wavy hair just like Rehisram’s.  Might this mysterious person have a connection to Reshiram?  What does that golden crown signify?  We’ll update with more information when it’s available.