Name Rater Contest – Now opened!

 Good evening all!

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Name Rater but you can call me Mr. Rater for short. I rate the nick names of Pokemon for a living and have been doing this for over 50 years. So far, I have traveled and rated the nick names of Pokemon across the Kanto region, Johto region, Hoenn region, and Sinnoh region. I have never visited the Unova region before, but heard there are many rare and unique Pokemon not found anywhere else. That’s why I packed my suitcase and took the first flight here! The Webmaster heard about my arrival and has hired me to rate the nick names of  all your Pokemon.

I am so excited to learn about all the new Pokemon from the Unova region and to hear the nick names  you trainers have given to your Pokemon. To celebrate my first visit in the Unova region, I will be choosing the top 3 nick names and will award the trainers with a special gift!

Please read the rules below carefully or I may reject your entries!

- Only Pokemon from the Unova region are eligible

- Please write the Pokemon’s real name and the nick name you gave it

- You may only submit 6 Pokemon. Please submit all of your nick names in one comment now.

- Please keep the website rules in mind before you post or you may be disqualified

- You can include your Pokemon’s gender, nature, and the reason why you gave it the nick name; This will help me with my task

- Please use the same username and email when you submit your entries so I can keep track of them

- I will stop accepting entries at 12:00 midnight PST on March 31st.

Alright! Tell me your Pokemon’s nick name. I can’t wait to hear them! Fufufufufufu!