New Pokemon game to be announced next month!

The latest issue of Dengeki Nintendo magazine has announced that they will be revealing a new Pokemon game in their next issue to be released in May. No other information was revealed such as what system the game will be released on. Perhaps it’ll be the first Pokemon game for the Nintendo 3DS? Pokemon Snap 3DS!?! That would be awesome actually. @__@

Here’s my theory based on Japanese release dates…

2010: Pokemon Black & White

2011: Spin-off games

2012: Pokemon “Grey”

2013: Ruby & Sapphire remake

2014: 6th generation Pokemon games!

I personally think it’s too early for any announcement of the third Pokemon Black and White game so it’ll probably be some Pokemon spin-off game such as Pokemon Mystery Dungeon or Pokemon Ranger… *shrudders* We’ll just have to wait until next month to find out!

Thanks to Shellspider for the scan