Top 100 Pokemon of all time…

…according to gaming news website IGN that is.

IGN held a Pokemon Face-Off sort of poll earlier this month that concluded on April 20th, and has now published the results on their website.

The poll basically pitted two random Pokemon against one another and users were to choose the one they liked better. All of the selections were than tallied up in the end to determine the most popular Pokemon.

I did try this out and it was amusing for the first 5 minutes, but I became annoyed when the same Pokemon kept appearing, so I really have to question how accurate this really was. A flaw I can see is if 1 Pokemon went up against many popular Pokemon – Vs another that went up against many less popular Pokemon. That wouldn’t be fair, or did IGN already thought about this and had some sort of elaborate mathematical calculation programmed? We’ll never know.

The top 60 Pokemon have been revealed so far and the last 40 will be revealed soon. I’ve skimmed through the list and am happy to see that a handful of Pokemon from the Unova region have made the top 60 and we can be sure that at least a couple more will appear in the top 40; I’m referring to Reshiram and Zekrom. :P

I was also surprised at some of the other Pokemon that made the top 100:

Rhydon #84: Really? Out of 649 Pokemon, Rhydon made the top 100?
Pikachu #48: No surprised Pikachu made the list, but I personally thought it would have been near the top.
Arceus #61: Blasphemy!!!

Do you agree with the list? Which Pokemon do you think should not have been included in the list so far?

Source: IGN’s top 100 Pokemon