Pokemon Center Pokemon Cafe promotion!

The official Japanese Pokemon website recently announced a new merchandise promotion, Pokemon Cafe, that will launch on May 28th at all Pokemon Center stores across Japan. A similar themed  promotion will also be held on the Japanese Global Link website beginning on May 25th to August 30th..

First off, the merchandise promotion:

It appears that this promotion mainly focuses on the 3 elemental monkeys acting as waiters which is not shocking, since their trainers are all waiters in the games and anime. It’s also nice to see older generation Pokemon appear in this promotion such as Smeargle, Poliwhirl, Eevee and Burmy. The prices for these items will range from 380 Yen to upwards of 3150 Yen and the following  items that will be available are:

- Cookie cushion
- Teapot
- Cafe mug
- Clearfile
- Clock (I want this so bad!!!)
- Messenger bag
- Small pouch
- Handkerchief (?)

Close up of the Pokemon Cafe clearfile and merchandises

Also announced is a new promotion that will be held on the Japanese Pokemon Global Link website.  Japanese fans can obtain a special password from a flyer that will be available at the Pokemon Center stores. Once the password is entered onto the Pokemon Global Link website, it’ll unlock a series of Pokemon Cafe themed items that you can add to your house in the Pokemon Dream World. In addition to the new items that will be unlocked, a new house based off of a treehouse will also be available!

Next up, players will gain access to a new mini-game within the Pokemon Dream World where they can unlock 1 of the following 4 Pokemon:

- Poliwhirl with the Swift Swim ability
- Smeargle with the Moody ability
- Eevee with the Anticipation ability
- Burmy with the Overcoat ability

And finally, a new Pokemon Cafe themed C-Gear skin will be available for fans to download to their copy of Pokemon Black or Pokemon White.

Pokemon Cafe C-Gear

This is so cool! I hope more promotions like this one will be available in the near future. What I’m wondering is if the password can be used on the English Pokemon Global Link website because I would like to get the treehouse!

Source: Filb, Asami, Pokemon.co.jp