New Bat Pokemon, Koromori

Another day, another new Pokemon! Remember the Pokemon Black and White anime character sheet we posted that turned out to be real?  Here’s a link to the post if you haven’t seen it yet. Pokemon Black and White character sheet   As you remember, there was a new, weird looking, bat Pokemon in the character sheet. Well, the new bat Pokemon recently made its debut on the most recent episode of Oha Suta.

Thanks to our friends over at, we have a screen shot of a battle screen featuring the new bat Pokemon named, Koromori. We only have a shot of its back, but you can sort of make out its front from the character sheet.  Below is an enlarged image of it from the character sheet.  Will this little guy take over the role of Zubat in Pokemon Black and White? If so, we can expect to see a lot of it during game play, especially in the caves.