Pokemon Cafe promotion update

Not to be outdone by the recent announcement that the Eeveelution from the Befriend a Pokemon mini-game  will finally be available for download this Thursday , the Japanese Pokemon Global Link website and official Japanese Pokemon website have posted more details about the Pokemon Cafe online promotion.

First off, the online promotion will start on May 25th and will run until August 30th. Fans can unlock this promotion on the Japanese Pokemon Global Link website by obtaining a special password at one of the various Pokemon Center stores across Japan.

Please see below for details:

A new mini-game will be available featuring the 3 elemental monkeys and various Unova region Pokemon where fans can play to befriend a special Burmy, Eevee, Poliwhirl or Smeargle.

A new house in the form of a tree house will be available

Various items and decorations will also be available including a rug, mugs, tea pot, table, and seat cushion.

Forget about the Eeveelutions! I hope this promotion will eventually be released internationally because I want that tree house now! It’ll also be nice to get a new mini-game because I am really bored of the ones they have now. It’s so repetitive. T_T

Please visit the following link for more details: Pokemon Cafe promotion

Source: Japanese Pokemon Global Link and Japanese Pokemon website