New shiny legendary Beasts merchandise

Hello everyone! My name is Frugrow and I am one of the new writers for this website. I have been a loyal fan of Pokemon since the franchise made its way to North America in 1996 or so? That’s over 14 years! I am a big fan of the games but my passion lies in collecting Pokemon figures, especially the Zukans.  For anyone unfamiliar with Zukans, they are 1/40th scale figures of the actual Pokemon.  There are also a few that are 1/50th scale such as Dialga, Palkia, Giratina because their actual sizes would be too big if they were made into 1/40th scale.

Many of the figures are pretty small but we do have larger ones like Ho-oh, Lugia, and Wailord! I will be sure to update once they start releasing Zukans of new Pokemon from Pokemon Black and White. We actually already have some Zukans of  Zoroark and Zorua that was released near the end of June to promote the new movie. I will be sure to cover that in a different post soon.  Glad to see everyone and I hope you enjoy my posts and this website! :)


Additional merchandises of the shiny legendary Beasts have been discovered. Among them are cards featuring the legendary Beasts in their shiny forms, as well as some other goods.  You may see them below with some descriptions of the items.

First set of cards featuring the shiny legendary Beasts.

Second set of cards featuring the shiny legendary Beasts. 

These are called clearfiles.  They are basically really thin, plastic folders that you can store some papers in.

Lastly, this is a deck case to store your Pokemon cards in. It features the same design as the clearfile above.