Pokemon Center Dot 2 promotion!

Earlier this summer, the Pokemon Center stores in Japan launched their “Dot” promotion where they sold a number of merchandise featuring sprite art from the Pokemon Black and Pokemon White games.

It has recently been announced that a follow-up to this promotion, appropriately called “Dot 2″ promotion, will launch this December in Japan. This promotion will feature all new merchandise, but focusing on N, Cheren and Bianca.

Sprite figures! 800 Yen each (I want these like burning…)

Mugs – one featuring characters and the other featuring Pokemon. 1200 Yen each

Wristwatches. 3500 Yen each

Hoodies – comes in S/M/L. 5800 Yen

Pokemon TCG deck box – 525 Yen. Reshiram and Zekrom card sleeves – 380 Yen

Also included in the Dot 2 promotion are clearfiles, badges, golf balls, straps, tote bag and wristlet

Source: Pokemon.co.jp