New Pokemon or Pokemon form to be revealed in the next Famitsu!

The 2012 Japanese Arts and Hobby expo was held in Tokyo this past weekend, and some of the biggest toy manufacturers and entertainment and media companies in Japan were there to show case their upcoming products.

Famitsu, the popular Japanese video game magazine publisher, was there and has revealed through a flyer that they handed out to visitors that a new Pokemon will be revealed in their next issue, scheduled to be released on April 4th.

Thanks to AAPB, we have the following translations:





Big Scoop!

Mysterious Pokemon will be introduced in the next issue

Is it related to a Pokemon from Unova?

Only time will tell. Please read our next issue to find out!

The above text suggest that it is related to a Pokemon from Unova? It’s too early for Genesect to be revealed so it’s most likely Meloetta’s other form. But who knows?

April 4th isn’t too far away so the scans could leak any day now! Who do you think the “Mysterious Pokemon” will be?

Thanks to AAPB for the translations and 2ch image board for the scan