Pokemon Sunday August 8th update

Pokemon Sunday just wrapped up about 10 minutes ago in Japan and announced that they will reveal three “new” Pokemon next Sunday.

The sihoulette are of Gigaiasu, Mamambou, and the baby Caterpillar, Kurumiru

Kurumiru: is the  ”Sewing” Pokemon and has the abilities Swarm or Chlorophyll and is a Bug/Grass type.

Mamambou: is the “Nursing” Pokemon and has the abilities Hydration or “Greedy Heart” and is a Water type.

They also showed a short clip of Victini in a battle.  Nothing too interesting but the sad thing is Pokemon Sunday will get beaten to the punch in officially revealing these Pokemon again.  Corocoro will likely leak any day now, if not tonight. 

What’s that saying again? Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Pokemon Sunday is the bridesmaid. :(